Air Fried Boss (e-book)




     My latest cookbook, Air Fried Boss, has over twenty recipes that can be made completely in your air fryer. From breakfast, to pizza, to seafood, these easy-to-follow meals will transform how you think about cooking.

Air fryers have gotten a lot of hype lately –  and for good reason! You can get the same crispy texture as deep frying without most of the oil and calories. It takes a quarter of the time to preheat and cuts your cooking time in half. And the best part is the easy cleanup. You’re going to absolutely fall in love with this book!

     Your purchase gets you 21 delicious meal ideas.  All of the recipes in this cookbook have been tried and tested, and they mesh extremely well with each other. I’ve designed it so you can easily mix and match recipes to create different meal adventures.  I used a Ninja® Foodi™ 4-Quart Air Fryer for cooking; for other air fryers, you may have to adjust the cooking times by 1-2 minutes depending on your size.

     This copy of Air Fried Boss is an e-bookYou should receive an immediate download of the pdf after purchase.  For the physical copy, click here.  If you have any questions about your order, please email


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