Where are you getting these prices from? My ingredients cost more!

My favorite stores are Kroger and Sprouts, although I will sometimes branch out of my usual stops.  Check out my blog post about maximizing your grocery budget for tips and tricks.

Can I substitute this ingredient?

For optimal results, I would recommend using the specified ingredients in the recipe.  However, I have tested substitute ideas and listed them in the posts of some recipes.  Please note, substitutions may change the taste, texture, and overall success of the recipe.

What is the nutritional info for this dish?

As I am not a registered dietitian, I do not feel comfortable publishing nutritional information for my recipes.  I would suggest online health calculators to use at your discretion.

Do you have cookbooks where I can find more recipes?

Check out my Shop page – I’ve released two cookbooks, one highlighting Meals for 2 and air fryer recipes. You can order the physical copies or digital versions!

What is your return policy?

We do not accept refunds for cookbooks or singular recipes. If you have an issue regarding an order, please reach out to me at shani@coinedcuisine.com.

I cook better with a visual guide. Do you have any cooking videos?

I post FREE videos for my recipes on Instagram and Tiktok – Follow me on @coinedcuisine on all social media platforms to follow along with me.