5 Minute Chunky Homemade Salsa

Updated: Oct 9

Confession: I'm a kitchen gadget junkie.

I have so many kitchen items on my wish list - some of which are way less practical than others. Mini Belgian waffle maker, salad spinner, a super large air fryer... the length of this gets pretty ridiculous. I try to keep them on the wish list until I have enough rationale to spend actual money on them, but that's a whole other story.

The reason I bring this up is because one of my biggest gadget wishes is a food processor. It just looks so easy to make pesto, homemade mayo, almond butter... but I'm still in a one-bedroom apartment so kitchen space is limited. The struggle.

I've been wanting to make my own salsa for a while now, and I almost convinced myself to get that food processor - but then I looked up at my perfectly capable blender and thought, why not??

So voila, I created this blender-friendly, 5-minute chunky salsa recipe. I used my Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Pro (thanks dad for the Christmas present) and it worked beautifully. For now, my pockets & countertops are spared.

If you want to check out this blender, click the link above that takes you to my Amazon store! I use this big boy for smoothies, soups, and now that I've tested out the pulse feature, I'm going to dive into other dips and sauces. Let me know in the comments if you also have limited countertop real estate because of all of your gadgets!


Roma Tomatoes | 2 ct. | $0.42

Canned Diced Tomatoes | 1 ct. | $0.59

Red Onion | 1 ct. | $0.50

Jalapeno, seeded | 1 ct. | $0.20

Fresh Cilantro | 1/3 cup | $0.53

Garlic | 1 clove | $0.04

Lime Juice | 2 tbsp. | $0.33

Granulated Sugar | 1 tbsp. | $0.02


1. Open canned tomatoes and drain.

2. Chop Roma tomatoes, red onion, and jalapeno into quarters.

3. Add all veggies, sugar, lime juice, and seasonings (I suggest salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder) to your blender/food processor. [Pro Tip: the sugar may sound weird, but it cuts down on the acidity of the tomatoes - don't skip this!]

If you're using the Ninja Auto-IQ Pro, simply press "Pulse" a few times

to get the perfect consistency!

5. Pour into jar or storage container and serve with your favorite tortilla chips or Mexican themed food. Enjoy!

I was so proud of my big guy for making this super easy salsa! If you want to try this out, click here to check out the specs and reviews - one more thing I always look at before I buy another kitchen gadget :)

The Coined Breakdown

Total Cost (1 serving): $0.33

Total Cost per 16 oz. jar: $2.63

Those Other Guys: $3.69 a jar

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