Easy Greek Yogurt Parfait

Updated: Oct 9

One of my favorite breakfasts I would make during grad school was yogurt parfaits. Grab a big tub of greek yogurt, whatever fresh fruit is on sale that week, and some granola and you have a protein-packed, fresh-tasting breakfast each morning!

I really enjoy homemade parfaits over the pre-packaged "fruit on the bottom" yogurts because I can control the sugar content and all of the ingredients in what I'm eating. Plus, for a few more minutes of prep, I get so much more in terms of taste and health.

I used my maple-vanilla chunky granola to top the jars off with a texture element. This would also be great with some chopped nuts if you had them; or mini chocolate chips if you wanted to make more of a dessert jar. The possibilities are endless - they are MIYO (make-it-your-own) of course!


Greek Yogurt | 1 cup | $1.24

Strawberries | 4 ct. | $0.14

Maple-Vanilla Chunky Granola | 4 tbsp. | $0.44

Honey | 1 tbsp. | $0.12


1. Rinse & chop fruit. I used strawberries this time, but have also used mango, blueberries, or peaches.

2. Layer your ingredients: start with yogurt, then a drizzle of honey, then the fruit, and repeat. On the very top, sprinkle maple-vanilla chunky granola for a yummy crunch.

3. Serve immediately. I've made a few of these in advance, but be mindful that some fruit juices will start leaking and not be as aesthetically pleasing after sitting overnight. They are still good to eat though. Enjoy!

The Coined Breakdown

Total Cost per serving (1 jar.): $0.97

Total Cost (2 jars): $1.94

Those Other Guys: $1.99 per jar

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