Garlic Honey Soy Sauce (Great on Everythang!)

Updated: Oct 9

And yes I mean "everythang"!

My best friend and I used to have date nights at this Mongolian Stir Fry chain restaurant and it was one of our favorite places to go. You basically build your stir fry bowl from scratch by going down a line and picking proteins, veggies, and selecting your starch. My favorite part: at the very end of the line, you could make your own sauce using a ton of different options and spices. Sadly, our local chain closed down years ago and we had to move on to another BFF date spot, but I always remembered that sweet and spicy soy sauce I would concoct at the end of that line!

I finally got around to trying this in the kitchen, and omg why did it take me so long to recreate?? This garlic honey soy sauce has everything I love - real garlic flavor, a bit of sweetness, some soy taste to cut into the sugar content, and a punch of heat from the red pepper flakes!

Although you have to cook this sauce down for a few minutes to get the perfect consistency, it comes together so easily and holds really well in the fridge. Use this on chicken, salmon, shrimp, veggies, or stir fry! I also wouldn't judge if you just keep it around to put on anything you can think of... it's that good.

BFF, if you're reading this, let's just re-create stir fry night at my house - I'll bring the sauce!


Honey | 1/3 cup | $0.60

Water | 1/3 cup | $0.00

Soy Sauce | 2 tbsp. | $0.10

Garlic clove, minced | 2 ct. | $0.03

Red pepper flakes | 1 tsp. | $0.10


1. Add minced garlic to a pan and cook on medium heat until fragrant.

2. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the pan. Cook until you begin to see bubbles (this means the sauce is starting to reduce).

3. Turn down heat to low and let the sauce simmer until your desired consistency.

I like to make this sauce a little thick but still fluid enough to quickly drizzle on what I'm eating!

4. Serve over chicken, veggies, shrimp, or stir fry. Enjoy!

Pair this with Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings for a delicious spin on your weeknight chicken dinner!

The Coined Breakdown

Total Cost (a little over 1/2 cup): $0.83

Those Other Guys: $1.11+ per 1/2 cup

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