3 Minute Nut-Free Spinach Basil Pesto

Updated: Oct 9

I love love love pesto dishes, but why did no one tell me how expensive pine nuts are??

The classic pesto recipe is made with pine nuts, basil, and parmesan. Where I am, pine nuts in bulk go for $20+ a pound... that is ridiculous.

So I looked at my fridge and saw this beautiful bundle of green spinach, and inspiration struck. A little magic in the blender, and voila: spinach-basil pesto was born!

You don't even taste the spinach, but it adds such a lovely, bright green color to pesto. And when you eliminate the nuts, you save tons in money for an even better taste than store-bought! Not to mention, you save so many calories using all veggies. In this recipe, I left out the parmesan and didn't notice a difference in taste at all - feel free to add in if you don't care about dairy-free stuff.

In the cost breakdown, I included the cost of basil... but I'm actually growing my own little basil plant (I named him Barry) so I didn't even have to pay for the basil this time around!

Whip up this pesto to use in pasta, on chicken, as a pizza sauce... the possibilities are really endless. Do you grow your own herbs? Drop some tips for me in the comments!


Basil Leaves* | 2 cups | $2.00

Spinach Leaves | 4 cups | $1.69

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil | 1/3 cup | $0.56

Garlic Cloves | 2 ct. | $0.03

Lemon Juice | 2 tbsp. | $0.33


*For about $4, I bought a basil plant that grows so well in my apartment. I included the cost of basil in case you don't have one, but if you use herbs a lot definitely look into growing your own!

1. Add all ingredients to a food processor or blender.

2. Pulse/blend until smooth. If too thick, add a bit of water at a time until your desired consistency. Enjoy!

The Coined Breakdown

Total Cost per serving: $0.92

Total Cost (about 10 oz.): $4.61

Those Other Guys: $4.98 per 10 oz.

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